The crypto exchange industry took quite a lot of time before it was finally established in Australia. That was mostly because the Australian market is a bit different from the rest of the world. Their regulatory frames are a lot stricter than you would imagine. Therefore, not every brand that wants to provide crypto exchange services may do so. They are obligated to satisfy a lot of requirements before they ultimately earn a licence to be a valid trading broker.

WalletsWorld is one of the few companies that were able to achieve that. In this review, we will present to you the most important features that made WalletsWorld a successful broker in Australia. From several years of perfecting their skills to a big dedication to each one of their clients, WalletsWorld is the name you definitely need to remember in the trading community.


When you wish to create an account with WalletsWorld, one of the most important things to note is that this company is dedicated to always providing safety for each one of their clients. The process seems simple, but what goes on behind is a complicated and advanced web of authentications, checks and other safety tools so your account can be protected at all times.

As for your side of the story, you just need to provide your e-mail address and think of a bulletproof password. After you’ve submitted your registration, you will be required to provide additional documentation so the WalletsWorld team can complete this process and make sure that your intentions are pure. This way, they are protecting both their clients but also themselves from any possibility of their image being tarnished by wrongful attempts. The identity verification is the most important part of that.


For any platform that aims to be successful, it is required to have a great and various educational section. This way, the company shows its dedication to its clients, as well as their ability to be patient with them while they work on improving themselves. The great thing about WalletsWorld is that they have created different levels of educational help and tools for the different levels of knowledge when it comes to crypto exchange.

One of the most common tools that new clients like to go for are the handy video tutorials. They are the most interactive educational tools that can help you connect to the experts and pick their brain on everything that interests you about the crypto trading journey. This is quite important since it can also help you understand how the market works as a whole, and how you can contribute to it with your daily trading activities.

Aside from those, you can find a variety of different charts that will show you how each asset is doing on the market during the particular time, as well as how did it do in the past. These instruments are quite important since they can help you notice a trend forming regarding a certain asset. This can be beneficial to your trading, especially when you’re creating a strategy for the day.


The WalletsWorld trading platform is a great combination of the traditional features mixed with advanced trading tools. They are making your life much easier in the crypto exchange industry. First, the site is completely user-friendly. There is no clutter or flashy ads promising you this or that deal that will result with easy profits.

Rather, they are pretty upfront about what they offer. And that is two of the most wanted cryptocurrencies in the industry – Bitcoin and Ethereum. These two are the most popular and successful digital currencies in the online world of trading, and you can trade them both with WalletsWorld.

This web-based platform is equally easy to use on any device, computer or mobile. You can also customize it to a theme that will be the most appealing to you, so that’s another way to make your trading experience more unique and enjoyable.


If you happen to need any assistance during your trading journey, it is quite important that you have a friendly and approachable customer support team to rely on. Not a lot of brands are aware of that. What we noticed is that many of them are expecting from their clients to come fully prepared. This is not a recipe for success. WalletsWorld is aware of that. This is why they give you several options to contact them if you need any help.

The easiest one is the live chat option on their home page. Here, you can choose the department which is the most suitable to answer your query. Then, the software will connect you to the available agent as soon as possible. In our experience, they were really patient and knowledgeable, which is rare.

Also, there are other ways to contact them, which include writing them an e-mail and calling their phone number. Whichever option you choose, we are certain you will get the assistance you require in no time.


When it comes to making deposits or withdrawals on your account, the process is quite simple. Again, for your safety, you will need to provide the updated information and valid documentation that proves your basic info. This includes your name, current residence and other notes that are important to keep your funds secure.

WalletsWorld is aiming to make the crypto exchange easier. There are several e-wallets that you can use to make a deposit or a withdrawal. You can also easily convert your Bitcoin or Ether to the Australian dollar. The processing times can take up to a few minutes.

Also, you can use credit and debit card options, as well as the bank wire transfer. These payment options are a bit more traditional, so they can take longer to finalise. Make sure to contact your bank about that, since it can also depend on their policy!


WalletsWorld is for the Australian clients that wish to trade cryptocurrencies in a new era of technology. The company always aims to keep updated with the latest advantages and implement them to their everyday operations. As a result, WalletsWorld is the number one choice for traders in this part of the world.