Did you know there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies on the market and you can trade them all? The places where you go to buy and sell virtual currencies are called crypto exchanges. Since they became very popular, so many people decided to open an exchange and gain profit that way. This is a double-edged sword because it means that traders have so many different possibilities and they do not have to settle with the one that doesn’t have good conditions. But, it also means there are a lot of fraudulent companies whose main goal is to gain easy money by scamming its clients.

Anyhow, that’s exactly why we are writing these reviews. To inspect every segment of specific crypto exchange and tell you whether it deserves your trust or not. If it does, you will have a green light from us to start your cryptocurrency trading journey. If it doesn’t, we will warn you straight away, so you can find a better place to invest money.

On today’s menu, we have Keepabit.com. This is an established crypto exchange with a lot of potential and very good comments on the Internet. It seems like there won’t be any problems with it, but you never know. The last thing we want is to rush into conclusions. So, let’s familiarize with this exchange a little bit, to see whether our first impression was a mistake or not.

One of the things people like about Keepabit is excellent trading conditions combined with account safety. If you are familiar with crypto trading, you know how important trading volume is. Well, you’d be happy to hear that Keepabit keeps it very high, so we understand the hype among clients. Also, this exchange takes good care about the safety of its clients, but we will discuss that later.

As you can see, we had a very good start. Of course, this is just a beginning and we still do not know how Keepabit does its business but so far, so good.


If you are an experienced CFD trader, but you are just stepping into the virtual currency world, one thing will surprise you. Crypto exchanges do not have different account types like Forex brokers. Instead, you have to open an account, verify the identity and start trading. Yes, this sounds like much less trouble and trust us, it is.

If you decide to give Keepabit a try, account creation will take you just a few minutes. You have to add some personal details and create a strong password. The confirmation will arrive in your email inbox and that’s it.

Now, let’s talk about security for a little bit, as we promised before. There is nothing more important in online business than creating a trusted environment for clients, where they can feel comfortable in making transactions. Identity verification is good, but when it is combined with an SSL (encryption-based security protocol on the Internet), it creates a strong security network that is hard to break. This way you will be sure the account you opened is safe and protected.


Can you imagine being successful without constant education? We cannot, either. The best place to learn is the crypto exchange you choose. This means you should look for an Education Center each time you are doing research. Every professional exchange will provide necessary eBooks, video lessons or educational articles in the blog section.

Since people behind Keepabit are experienced traders, we expected to see good educational material on the website. There are numerous articles provided and if you want to learn how to trade Bitcoin or what cryptocurrency to choose, simply read one of many articles. They are simple and perfect for beginners. But, Keepabit did not forget professional traders also. So, if you are looking to improve an existing skill, there is a lot of learning material for you, too.

Overall, we are satisfied with this part and glad that Keepabit understands the importance of constant education.


This cryptocurrency exchange offers an advanced trading platform that has different pages for buying and selling digital currencies. The interface offers plenty of options, however, it’s still suitable for people who are visiting for the first time. So, if you are new to crypto trading, you can consider Keepabit as a good place to start.

Although everything looks good, there is one thing specifically that caught our attention, a live currency calculator. This is an excellent addition because you do not have to leave the website and see what is the current price of one Bitcoin, for example. Instead, you can see live changes on the website. But not only that, the platform is automatised.

Let’s say that you want to buy 10 BTC. The only thing you have to do is add the desired amount into the Bitcoin field. The system will automatically calculate the amount and tell you how many Euros that is. You don’t even have to do calculations by yourself and that will make the whole process much faster. Those are some details that show us how this crypto exchange pays special attention to details, to make things easier for its clients.


There isn’t a single trader who won’t agree with us on this — customer support is one of the most important things. If you are a newbie, don’t be surprised if things don’t go as planned. Different problems can appear, from the most basic to complicated ones and you need to have someone to assist you in solving them.

At Keepabit, you can choose the contact method. There is a phone line and if you want to talk to one of the representatives, don’t hesitate to call them. Also, you will find an email and online form. If you go with this method, someone will reply to you soon and the explanation will await you in the inbox.

Lastly, there is a Live Chat option. We suggest this method if something is urgent because you will get an instant reply. Our experience with customer support was positive. There are not many things to be said, except that we received a fast reply (on Live Chat), the customer representative was polite and the answer contained all details we couldn’t find on the website. So, if any problem occurs, you can count on support.


Deposits and withdrawals can be made via Credit Cards, Bank Wire and eWallet. Keepabit offers a couple of methods and it’s up to each client to decide which one they want to use. In most cases, the money will be on your trading account instantly, but withdrawals do take a little bit of time (for a good reason).

As expected, upon each withdrawal a mandatory step is Identity Verification. This is a safety process that ensures none of the frauds happens. Each client has to prepare specific documents and send them on verification. Once everything is checked, the transaction process begins.

This is an important step and we do not mind waiting for a couple of days. There is nothing better than knowing your account is safe, so we appreciate any additional security step.

As for the fees, you won’t have to worry about them. Keepabit offers one of the lowest fees we have seen and all of them are listed on the website. So, everything is transparent and whenever you want to check them, you can go to the Terms and Conditions page.


We want to finish this Keepabit review by telling you the pros and cons of this crypto exchange. Just to summarize all impressions, so you can have a clear picture of everything. One of the best things here is well-organized customer support. As a trader, you want someone ready to assist you anytime and with Keepabit you will get just that. Optimization is another excellent thing because you are not limited to the computer only. Instead, you can trade on every device, no matter the place. This exchange has one of the lowest fees on the market and we are certain you will appreciate that as a client. There is nothing worse than paying unnecessary fees, especially the hidden ones.

We could go on and on about positive sides of this crypto exchange, but we will stop right here and move on to things that need improvement. To be honest, it was hard to find some. Security is excellent, you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, so this exchange did not leave us a lot of room for criticism. The only thing that can be improved is the diversity of cryptocurrencies. No matter how much of them are on the website, clients would always appreciate more.

As you can see, this crypto exchange showed impeccable service, just like we assumed at the beginning. This means that you have a green light to open an account and begin the adventure called cryptocurrency trading.