Cryptme: One of the Top Crypto Exchanges


There are not a lot of companies in the industry of crypto exchange that are able to satisfy the nearly-impossible demands that this area proposes. However, that is a good thing – considering that the ones that are able to do so are the most successful and reliable brands that are available on the market today.

Cryptme is one of the rare names that we can safely say are at the top of their game right now. With several years of experience in the area of cryptocurrency exchange, this is the name that everyone knows. Cryptme stands for loyalty, security, and success in the world of crypto exchange. What is the secret to the company’s success? How are they able to withstand the harsh conditions of today’s crypto exchange market?

First, their number one priority when it comes to clients is safety. They ensure the safety of the clients’ information and funds through many levels of security of their top-notch SSL encryption. This kind of security is built upon several firewalls and other advanced technologies. They are used to always keep you safe each step of your trading journey. This includes both your personal information as well as your funds, whatever they may be. In this Cryptme review, we will list this and many more advantages to trading with this crypto exchange company.


An amazing thing that particularly stands out when it comes to crypto exchange websites and companies in the absence of different account types. Namely, which cryptocurrency exchange, what you see is what you get. There aren’t different leverages, trading signals, or conditions that improve as you progress through different account packages. Here, the market is an open book. All you need to do is put your best skills to good use and try to acquire as much profit as possible. Whichever asset you choose on the Cryptme platform, you are guaranteed to achieve success while having fun in the process. After all, this is one of the major goals of the exchange company.

So, the only thing that you need to worry about here is the process of creating and verifying your account. The first phase – account creation – is as simple as you can imagine. All you need to do is input personal information about yourself, such as your name, phone number, email address, and country of residence. You should keep in mind that the majority of the exchange companies do not accept countries from all over the world, so this part is especially important. Next, you will receive a verification email where you can confirm your identity before you begin trading. It goes without saying that you should create a smart and complicated password that only you will know, so you can be as safe as possible on your trading adventure!


The educational section on any trading website is imperative, but especially with crypto exchange. Namely, there are new things coming around the block each day, so you want to keep updated with them, right? They help you create a trading strategy that will be suitable for the current trading conditions. And also, that will hopefully bring you a satisfying amount of profits.

Cryptme uses this section to regularly update you with new educational tools that are at your disposal when you trade with this company. Also, the creators have made sure to cover the basics quite thoroughly. They are listing the most common advantages of cryptocurrency trading, key facts about it, as well as other important features that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

The most important thing that makes cryptocurrency exchange so approachable is safety. With cryptocurrencies, there is no mediator or any alive person, really, who would stand between you and your money. Namely, the digital currencies are maintained by the group of computers, and it is basically impossible to find out who is the buyer or the seller, or where does the money go to. With cryptocurrencies, you have complete autonomy and independence when it comes to your money. Also, it is important to note that there are no additional fees, or any requirements attached to your transactions with cryptocurrencies.


The most important section of any crypto exchange webpage is the trading platform, of course. Here, the Cryptme designers and creators have made a clear effort to create a highly responsive and appealing platform for the users. It is quite easy to use and find your way around, which is imperative especially for first-time visitors. Then, it is also designed impeccably, with an attractive outlook and simple vision. This kind of platform is quite rare to find considering that the majority of others on the market are filled with unnecessary information or clutter that is of no use to anyone. Here is a piece of helpful advice – if a trading platform is like this, you should probably steer clear of it since its company has something quite big to hide.

Luckily, that is not the case with Cryptme. Here, you can easily find what you need in just a few clicks, and keep your trading going without a hitch. As soon as you click on the tab marked “Trading platform” you will be introduced to a handy list of over 200 tradeable digital coins and tokens. There is also a handy chart attached to each one, where you can watch the market performance of that asset over time. It is quite clear that the Cryptme creators put a lot of effort into creating a safe and exciting platform for everyone who wishes to safely trade cryptocurrencies.


Having a highly functioning customer support team is crucial to a successful company in any area. This is especially important with the exchange companies – since everything is happening so fast. Are you an expert trader or just a beginner? Regardless, everyone could use a little help now and then, right? That is why it is important to reach the customer support agents fast, and for them to be helpful and friendly, of course. Cryptme has assembled its customer support team by keeping all of this in mind, and the results are astounding.

First, you can reach the agents through the live chat option, which is one of the most popular ones online. All you need to do is click on the tab in the bottom of the page. Then, you will be connected with an available agent in a matter of seconds. Then, there is also the email option, if you are ready to wait about 2 business days for a reply. This is still way above average in the industry when it comes to this type of communication channel. So we are impressed.

Then, you can also contact the agents by calling them on the phone. This option is quite handy for avid talkers, so suit yourself! Lastly, you can also fill out a form on their contact page. The response will usually come as fast as the email reply, if not faster. This all depends on how busy they are with responding to other clients’ queries. It can become quite hectic especially during the peak trading hours. In case you wish to contact them on social media, you can do so. Their team posts regular updates on their social media accounts, as well as engages with the readers through comments.


Finally, this is another important section that we need to cover before concluding this detailed Cryptme review. The process of depositing and withdrawing your funds from the account should be simple and fast. After all, the trading day is moving quite fast as well. As a result, the Cryptme team has assembled several ways to make your transactions effectively and without any delays. 


Considering that this is a crypto exchange company, it is imperative to have as many e-wallets as possible. Since the safety of assets and information is necessary, each one of these banking options has top-notch firewalls, encryption, and other key features in order for you and your money to always be safe. A big part of this is the KYC policy, which every successful exchange company should have. KYC is short for Know Your Customer, and it verifies your information before processing each one of your withdrawal requests. This may seem like a huge hassle. However, it is important to note that it is all in service of your safety. So, the process usually requires you to provide some sort of documentation that would prove your identity. This includes anything that contains your name and current place of residence – from your ID to the latest water bill. When we assess all of this, it is quite clear to us that Cryptme is here to help you become a successful trader. Of course, while simultaneously keeping you safe online.