ChangeNOW is a limitless non-custodial crypto exchange that launched back in September 2017 and quickly became known as the first cryptocurrency service to list Bitcoin. Today, ChangeNOW is mostly used for exchanging major cryptocurrencies including Litecoin Ethereum, Bitcoin and more. In addition to the major coins, this exchange supports over 200 other coins and tokens.

Our ChangeNOW review serves to discover if the company reputation is well earned. If you are considering using ChangeNOW swap service, or simply want to find out if it’s the right choice for you, take some time to go over our comprehensive guide.


ChangeNOW doesn’t provide a wallet to store client funds, so it is the traders’ responsibility to protect their funds. In addition, the exchange doesn’t require any type of personal information or a registration to swap cryptocurrency. This way, even if there is a hacker’s attack on the exchange, users will not lose anything since the company doesn’t store any user information on its servers.

Important to note is the fact that the exchange can request users to follow KYC procedure or even submit identity documents if there is suspicion of any wrongdoing. Other than that, you can swap from one cryptocurrency to another instantly without giving away any type of documentation.

Since ChangeNOW does not have its own wallet to store coins, there are no deposit or withdrawal fees. On the other hand, users must take other fees into consideration. There is a minimum network fee that is determined by the blockchain. Also, if you purchase crypto with a debit/credit card, there are additional fees of approximately 5%


Regardless of your experience or lack thereof, you will find great value in ChangeNOW’s education library. You can brush up on the essentials, read articles that analyse and predict trends, or simply have a good laugh. This exchange has done a lot to keep its users educated and entertained at all times. 

It is difficult to feel unsatisfied after going throw the entire library in one sitting, but you are left wanting more. The good thing is that the library is constantly updated, there will be even more value in it as time passes.

There is also a Help centre that is aiming to cover the more basic questions. Sadly, this feels like an afterthought. Given the right support, this section could also prove very valuable to novice traders. Until that day comes, it remains just a place filler.


Once you visit the homepage for the first time, it is immediately clear that ChangeNOW has simplicity in mind. There is no clutter, no confusing charts, bars, or flashy windows. Everything you need to do is just a few clicks away.

The mobile application is no different. If you have your telephone, cryptocurrency and an e-wallet, you are good to go, and the entire process shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes.

Recently, ChangeNOW has enabled direct purchases with your VISA or MasterCard using the Simplex integration. This makes the exchange a convenient gateway for beginners.


If we had to describe ChangeNOW’s customer support is impressive. While this area is often neglected by the rest of the industry, this exchange does not disappoint. Most popular means of communication are the telephone lines, email and social media messaging. Response time was pretty decent, with 5 minutes for email, and 30 minutes for Facebook messages.


ChangeNOW offers more than 170 cryptocurrencies, which is significantly more than its rivals. Of course, you will see the most popular ones here: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP and Monero.

Credit and debit cards purchases are available, thanks to Simplex technology. However, would advise against using this option as it comes with the hefty fee of 7% or more. You would be much better just buying your crypto from another platform.

Can We Recommend ChangeNOW?

ChangeNOW is one of the most convenient swap platforms for cryptocurrency exchange. It has no restrictions and requires no registration which makes it very attractive. The biggest thing holding it back is the unpredictable speed of the currency swaps. After going through the entire ChangeNOW review, you have to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons.